Good news: Penrith Panthers announce a superstar return…..

Panthers superstar Nathan Cleary reacts to Jarome Luai’s ‘sad’ departure Penrith The Panthers’ success has brought an end to another fruitful NRL relationship – and now Nathan Cleary He has broken his silence about the departure of his long-time friend and half-partner Jarome Louai.

The 58th player has officially signed a five-year contract worth an estimated $6 million with the Wests Tigers.
His term at the foot of the mountain ends this year.

Luai was a central player in the team’s third successive premiership and formed a deadly duo with Cleary at both club and hometown level.

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Cleary spoke about Luai’s impending departure after the pair had dominated every level of the game since they met in his teens.
“We’ve played with ‘Romy’ since he was 15 and throughout his Penrith career, so it’s even more difficult,” he said.
“It’s sad.
It’s also a business and he has a beautiful young family to take care of.
He had a lot of people in his ear asking him what he was going to do, so I.
“He’s also at a stage in his career where he can make his own decisions.
” We all knew at the same time that he was leaving.
“I couldn’t imagine Romy wearing any other jersey.
Now that his future is secured, we can focus on this year and try to make it special.
.This is my last ride with him.
” The price the Panthers paid for continued success was higher than in any other year as many of their marquee stars fell short of the salary cap and finances.

It’s about modern clubs where he had to leave to improve the situation.
Matt Barton, Viliam Kikau and Api Korowau all contributed to at least one NRL title but have since moved on, with superstar center Stephen Crichton also leaving to become a full-back.
But Mr Cleary said the system in place at Penrith would ensure the club remained at the top of the league table for many years to come, and said he would back Penrith up and down that path.
I hope to be able to lead.“It’s a fair team we’ve lost over the years,” he said.
“I played with Romy the longest, and we’re together at halftime, which makes it even harder.
He really embodies what we represent as a team.
He’s a local.

“The more players you have, the more you get used to it.
“I feel like I’m at the age and stage of my career where I’m ready to really help young players and build combinations.
” “I need to go to another level in terms of leadership and supporting young people.
” While Jack Cole has emerged as a likely candidate to wear the No.
6 jumper if Luai leaves.
, Dane Lawrie and Brad.
Schneider might be there too.

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