done deal: las vegas riders have announce a superstar

Why not just Taylor Swift’s private aircraft usage is under investigation this Super Bowl weekend.

As famous singer-songwriter Taylor Swift faces criticism for her “excessive” private jet usage, how destructive will the dozens of planes flying to Las Vegas for this weekend’s Super Bowl truly be?

This year’s Super Bowl is quickly approaching, and although there is enthusiasm surrounding the sport – and Taylor Swift, the lady of the moment – there are fears that the event will be disastrous for the environment.

It has been claimed that at least 475 private jet parking places are already occupied, with celebrities and VIPs flying in from all over the United States and the world. The event will take place on Sunday in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This Monday, Federal Aviation Administration officials stated that the four airports immediately around Las Vegas had hit capacity for private jets some weeks ago.

Taylor Swift, the girlfriend of Travis Kelce, a Kansas City Chiefs player who will meet American football rivals the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL championship game, is expected to be among them.

Swift has faced criticism for her flying itinerary in recent weeks, with some claiming it is excessive in the midst of a climate crisis.

The extremely successful American singer-songwriter is regularly cited as one of the most frequent private jet customers.

According to one assessment conducted by sustainable marketing agency Yard, her own jet released around 8,300 tons of CO2 in 2022, which is 1,184 times the typical person’s entire yearly emissions.

While Swift’s spokesmen have disputed the statistic, claiming that she offsets her trips by purchasing carbon credits, other experts have questioned the effectiveness of carbon offsetting.

Swift threatened legal action this week against a student who was tracking her private plane usage.

Jack Sweeney, a 22-year-old computer technology student at the University of Central Florida, has gained notoriety for utilizing public data and social media to monitor the private planes of billionaires, politicians, and celebrities.

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Swift’s attorneys, in a letter published with the Associated Press, said that the tracking is likely to alert stalkers to her location.

They believe he is essentially giving “individuals intent on harming her, or with nefarious or violent intentions, a roadmap to carry out their plans.”

Sweeney, on the other hand, insists that he never intended to cause harm with his tracking and is committed to preserving transparency and public information.

“One should reasonably expect that their jet will be tracked, whether or not I’m the one doing it, as it is public information after all,” he went on to say.

It’s unclear whether Sweeney’s findings influenced Swift’s apparent sale of one of her two private jets this week, but he is undoubtedly behind the newest issue over her carbon footprint.

He said that the 34-year-old pop sensation flew over St. Louis, Missouri, in one of her aircraft for 13 minutes. It was quickly pointed out that the identical travel could have been completed in only 30 minutes by automobile, with far less environmental damage.

However, it quickly became clear that Swift may have already sold the plane at the time of the trip. Sweeney’s Twitter – previously X – account reported that the aircraft’s registration changed on February 4, shortly after the disputed trip.

This means that the voyage was utilized for maintenance or demonstration purposes rather than to deliver Swift.

Before the event begins on Sunday, hundreds of players and fans of the Saudi-funded LIV Golf league are expected to visit Las Vegas Country Club for a tournament that will run from Thursday to Saturday.

That is before an additional 60,000 spectators converge on Allegiant Stadium for the American football game.

On an average day in Las Vegas, around 160,000 passengers fly into and out of the airport. 2023 was a record-breaking year, with 57.6 million travelers traveling through.

The National Business Aviation Association predicts that air travel will increase much more this weekend.

Commercial flights, on the other hand, have a far lower environmental impact than private jet trips.

Last year, the NGO Transport and Environment estimated that they are five to 14 times more polluting per passenger than commercial airplanes, and 50 times more polluting than trains.

According to these numbers, private planes are by far the most polluting means of transportation on the globe per passenger kilometer.

Las Vegas officials have declared that there is still space for so-called ‘drop-and-go’ flights, in which pilots abandon their passengers and fly to another airport to park their planes.

The exact number of private planes that will enter the airspace surrounding Las Vegas this weekend will not be published until after the event, but experts will be watching with alarm.

It is also unclear how much environmental harm these flights would do – but if previously revealed data are any indication, it will be significant.

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According to a research released last year, emissions from private planes have increased throughout Europe recently.

A Greenpeace analysis indicated that private planes on the continent released 5.3 million tons of CO2 during the previous three years.

The number of private flights increased from slightly under 119,000 in 2020 to 573,000 in 2022.

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