Good News For Boston Bruins: He is back…..

BOSTON – Matt Poitras was prepared, of course, for a small ribbing from his partners.

With three Czechia locals within the dressing room, the rookie centerman anticipated a number of spikes almost his Canadian club losing to the European nation at World Juniors.

“That’s to be expected,” said Poitras. “We have a couple of Czech guys in here, so…”

In spite of the prodding, the Bruins are certainly satisfied to have Poitras back within the overlap after investing about three weeks in Sweden for the 2024 World Junior championship. Poitras, moreover, is excited to be back in spite of the baffling quarterfinal misfortune.

“It was parts of fun. I cruel, it was a dream come genuine to wear that shirt and meet all those folks. And I had a extraordinary time over there. I’m upbeat to be back here, though,” said Poitras. “Everybody is welcoming me back…I’m getting to do everything I can to induce superior each day in hone and do everything I can to assist this group and win diversions back here.

“I have no laments. I’m still upbeat I went over there.”

Coach Jim Montgomery said that the Bruins will proceed to assess Poitras as he reintegrates into the group and alters to the time alter. He included that no decision has been made with respect to when the Ontario local will return to NHL diversion activity.

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“I’ll take it day by day and attempt to urge back to this time zone,” said Poitras, who taken part within the discretionary morning skate on Thursday at Warrior Ice Field. “It’s reaching to take a couple of days to induce my rest plan back on track and feeling going on the ice. I do not know. I’ll fair take it day by day and see.”

In later weeks, both Montgomery and Bruins GM Wear Sweeney said it’s conceivable the group gives Poitras a see on the wing upon his return to the lineup, which would be fair fine with the 19-year-old.

“I’m open to anything,” said Poitras. “I’ve played wing some time recently in the past and that’s some of the time a small bit more straightforward than center. But better believe it, I’m comfortable playing wherever.”

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