The MLB offseason may be a transformative time with free-agency signings and exchanges making a difference to reshape the scene of the don for the up and coming year.

In any case, those headline-grabbing moves do not continuously work out as trusted.


Whether it’s a big-money free-agent marking that doesn’t skillet out, a blockbuster exchange that turns into a unbalanced bargain in knowledge of the past or a untimely choice to non-tender or discharge a late-blooming star, every club has at slightest a couple of moves they wish they seem take back.

Filtering back over the past decade of exchanges, we’ve chosen each MLB team’s greatest offseason lament since the 2012-13 offseason.

Buckle up for a rough trip down memory path.

OF Yasmany Tomás marked a six-year, $68.5 million bargain in free office.

The Arizona Diamondbacks were trusting they had found the another Yoenis Cespedes or José Abreu when they marked individual Cuban deserter Yasmany Tomas to a gigantic six-year bargain.

Instead, they got a one-dimensional slugger whose protective inadequacies eclipsed anything he did within the batter’s box. His most beneficial season came in 2016 when he propelled 31 domestic runs, but he was still a negative-WAR player that year and logged minus-2.5 WAR in 309 recreations over the life of the contract.

That’s awful sufficient for it to induce the gesture by a limit edge over the blockbuster bargain that included sending Dansby Swanson to the Atlanta Braves for Shelby Mill operator in 2015.

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The Atlanta Braves would likely cherish to shed the contracts of Marcell Ozuna and Eddie Rosario from their current finance, but not one or the other bargain holds a candle to the B.J. Upton marking in terms of most deplorable.

Indeed in a contract year when he counted 28 domestic runs and caught 31 takes, Upton still had a ordinary .298 on-base rate and a pedestrian 108 OPS+. In any case, his capacity to play center field and the truth that he was coming off his age-27 season persuaded the Braves to disregard those ruddy banners and spend huge.



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