SAD NEWS FOR Georgia Bulldogs: I regret playing in……

ATLANTA — There’s never fair one minute that turns a win into a misfortune, that tears a championship from your get a handle on, that makes a lifetime of heartbreak.

It’s a missed handle here, a pass bouncing off a protective cap there, a would-be interferences that was bobbled so somewhat and a facemask the official didn’t see.

It’s small minutes of destiny taken after by huge botches, a murkiness of preventable issues compounded by terrible good fortune that will be a choose-your-own experience of lament for years to come.


But there’s as it were one takeaway for Georgia from Monday night, in its domestic state, with 37 a long time of championship dissatisfaction on the skirt of being erased.

A diversion that appeared like it couldn’t be misplaced is presently carved in history as Alabama 26, Georgia 23, and nothing that happens for the rest of Kirby Smart’s long and likely fruitful career will harmed as awful as this one.

That’s likely the good news.

“I’m still kind of stuck within the minute, but life goes on from here,” said Davin Bellamy, the Georgia linebacker whose extra time pillage demonstrated to be a notable tease after Alabama’s walk-off landing on the exceptionally following play. “Eventually I need to get over it. I cleared out it all out there. Second-and-26 makes it so hard.”

Second-and-26. Words that will live in Bulldogs ignominy the way 28-3 does for fans of another football group in this state. Which brings to intellect:
Does Georgia know how to do sports collapses or what?

Perhaps there’s a reason fans in Atlanta think they’re reviled:
It fair keeps happening.

The Atlanta Birds of prey from 28-3 to destruction within the Super Bowl final year. The Braves coming absent with as it were one World Series from 14 successive playoff appearances. The 60-win Birds of prey getting cleared by LeBron James within the Eastern Conference finals.

WATCH: Georgia football coach Kirby Smart on facing Alabama QB Jalen Milroe

These fan bases are not all the same, of course, but the prove of a few epically terrible juju inside these borders is mounting.

After blowing a 13-point lead, at that point getting an all-time fortunate break when Alabama kicker Andy Pappanastos shanked a 36-yard field objective with no time cleared out in direction, how do you lose on second-and-26?

Well, you lose since Alabama found a matchup with DeVonta Smith running past senior cornerback Malkom Parrish and the security offer assistance from senior Dominick Sanders coming way as well late to anticipate a landing that will be replayed each year at the College Football Playoff, cutting more profound in to the Georgia mind with each viewing.


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