Good News For Indianapolis Colts: He has return to play finally……

Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor spoke to reporters on Thursday for the first time since his offseason contract squabble with the organization and subsequent placement on the physically unable to perform list with an ankle injury.

Taylor emphasized multiple times his return to the practice field this week was because he finally felt fully healed from offseason ankle surgery, and he declined to discuss his trade request from Indianapolis and contract issues.

“The No. 1 thing that’s changed is I’m finally able to step back on the practice field,” Taylor said. “Like I said it’s a big day, it’s a huge day. You’ve got nerves, you’re anxious. You want to do well. You’ve been working so much. You can simulate as many things as you want but nothing simulates football but playing football.”

Taylor added: “I’ve been around. Like I said, the No. 1 goal was for me to get 100 percent healthy. So I think just being in communication with the training staff and the team, and getting everyone on the same page in order to make sure not only myself but everyone who is injured and off the field has everything they completely need in order to get back on the field and do what they love.”

Though he sounded eager to return to game action this season, the former All-Pro RB was predictably evasive on his future in Indianapolis, especially with his rookie deal expiring at the end of this season.

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“Listen, like I said, I’m here right now, and my No. 1 thing is to take care of my teammates,” Taylor responded. “A lot of people worry about what I want. … It doesn’t matter necessarily what I want. What matters is what this team needs, what this team wants, what this city wants and what this city needs. What the city needs is a championship. While I’m here that’s what I’m going to work my tail off to do. That’s what I worked my tail off to get the opportunity to do.”

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