Good News For Manly Warringah Sea Eagles: He want to return……

Sea Eagles owner and chairman Scott Penn couldn’t hide his sheer delight when Manly ran out onto Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

For Penn had a strong vision of one day watching his beloved Sea Eagles play rugby league in America. The fact that Manly beat the South Sydney Rabbitohs at the same venue that only hosted the Super Bowl a fortnight earlier made it even more memorable.

Following the match that attracted over 40,000 fans, Penn spoke about his plans to further invest and grow the game internationally, including his desire to see the Sea Eagles return to America on a more regular basis.

I couldn’t be prouder that we were able to deliver the show that we wanted too. We have a phenomenal squad who all played for each other. We have got speed to burn and there is no substitute for speed. You combine that with the passion that they have, the culture that we have got at the Sea Eagles, the desire to win and what ‘Seibs’ has brought to the table in really just building that Manly mentality. We are going to have a good year.

Absolutely, I had 50 here at the game with me. My phone lit up with messages saying how much they enjoyed it, what an amazing atmosphere, just how fast the game was. They can’t believe they are playing without pads and helmets, and what a phenomenal sport it is.

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Yes, absolutely. We are committed to this. It took a little bit of convincing in terms of internal stakeholders as it was a big commitment. I think everyone is on board. We can build on this. We are pushing to get an answer pretty quickly on whether we can be a long term team because we want to invest in it. We want to bring the boys over more regularly. We want to invest in an international fan base. We really want to build an American Eagles team.

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