July 14, 2024

The Cincinnati Bengals flat-out embarrassed themselves vs. the Tennessee Titans today.

In an all-systems-failure of epic proportions, the Bengals found themselves trailing 24-3 at halftime and have failed to score a first-half touchdown through four games.

Inexcusable is a word that came to mind often today, especially with how Joe Burrow was managed toward the end of a 27-3 blowout.

It’s no secret Burrow’s calf injury is not fully healed and is severely limiting him. The Bengals are in must-win mode, so Burrow will keep playing, but the Bengals have to do a better job of protecting him.Super Bowl 2022: 11 things to know about Cincinnati Bengals - Los Angeles  Times

That means not keeping him in the game when it’s clearly over and having him take unnecessary big hits at the end of a 24-point loss.

However, head coach Zac Taylor thought keeping Burrow in for the end of this game was a good idea, somehow.

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