July 23, 2024
Robin Quivers, the 59-year-old associate of radio personality Howard Stern, was recently involved in a hit-and-run accident on Thursday. The Ocean Township man was ticket after her car and fleeing the scene. The car accident reportedly took place while Quivers was driving north on Route 9 in Barnegat Township on Sunday.
The man responsible for the accident had been driving a vehicle with South Carolina license plates with a Florida driver’s license. Police were able to track him down on information provided by witnesses. The 50-year-old man reportedly told police that he lost control of his vehicle and fled after crashing into Quivers’ vehicle.
He has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident, failing to report an accident, reckless driving, as well as operating an unregistered vehicle. While Quivers suffered no injuries in the accident, she was reportedly quite shaken up by it.
On Monday morning, she described the accident saying that she was “almost killed” after the man drove out of a parking lot, lost control of his vehicle, spun 360 degrees and struck her driver’s side door, after which he “backed up and drove off.” Hit and run accidents can be a particularly unfortunate kind of accident. Accidents are usually easier when both drivers have the opportunity to exchange insurance information.
Ideally, individuals who have been harmed in a hit and run accident should get the driver’s license plate number, contact police, get the names and numbers of witnesses. In the best case scenario, they will be insured or you will carry uninsured motorist coverage.Joe Biden's Howard Stern Interview: Hillary Clinton Helped Make It Happen
If the driver does not have insurance coverage and you do not carry uninsured motorist coverage, you may be able to obtain restitution by filing a complaint with the District Attorney’s Office, who will require proof of damages and a police report.
Another option is to file a suit in small claims court. If you were not able to obtain the other driver’s license plate number and don’t have full coverage or uninsured motorist coverage, there may be no other option but to foot the cost. Sources: MSNBC, “Robin Quivers ‘almost killed’ in hit and run,” Marianne Garvey, August 18, 2011.

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