July 14, 2024

Paul Newton was a founding member of Uriah Heep. He had played in such late ’60s bands as the Don Shinn Group, The Gods, and Spice.

It is the last one that became Uriah Heep with the addition of Ken Hensley (The Gods). Paul played on the first 3 Heep albums – all of which remain near the top of favorites among the Heep fanbase.

Classics such as “Gypsy”, “July Morning”, “Bird Of Prey”, “Lady In Black” and “Look At Yourself” were all from this period. It’s been over 50 years since Paul left Heep, and his life went in various other directions. But, a few months ago Paul released his book “Bone Structure” – which is also the name of the fictional band in Paul’s story.

The book intertwines the tales of the band’s main character Paul ‘Watson’ from his childhood and personal life to his current ‘reunion’ tour with Bone Structure, and early Bone Structure days. Many Heep fans will see similarities between Paul Watson’s Bone Structure days and bandmates with Paul Newton’s time in Uriah Heep.

There’s even some crafty Heep inclusions such as Bone Structure sharing a few gigs on their reunion tour with the current Heep, and old recall on what Paul Watson heard of Heep in the old days. But there are a few storylines going through this book which makes it an enjoyable read, aside from the Heep relations.Ken Hensley, from Uriah Heep to Live Fire | Artist Pictures Blog

There’s lots of humour in Paul Watson’s early days – with his family and schoolmates. As well as later struggles with Bone Structure and in his personal and non-rock star life. In some ways this sorta reminded me of that movie Strange Fruit (w/ Billy Connolly).

Recommended also for anyone who likes a good read on the whole period of growing up in post-WW2 Britain. Bone Structure doesn’t feature any photos (being a fictional writing), but Paul was kind enough to share a few photos here.

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