July 14, 2024
Analysis: Can QB Caleb Williams, coach Matt Eberflus and the Chicago Bears defense rise to expectations? This forecast might not be completely detailed but it’s no passive attempt either.

The great George Carlin and also Jerry Seinfeld made a living off of jokes about word usage.

They’d have had a field day with some of the terms now on the internet.

Seinfeld’s entire series was based on terms like double-dipping, regifting, close talker and shrinkage (yikes!).

At this time of year in the football media business, website writers annually come out with their “bold predictions.”

The term is pretty hilarious because no one makes passive predictions. What about quiet or soft predictions? Nope. Not worth it.

With rookies reporting to Halas Hall for training camp only two weeks from Tuesday, it’s time to offer up the bold predictions on this Bears season.Five Bears players voted to Pro Bowl

They are not passive, soft or quiet ones. Nor are they partial predictions from the West Coast.

There will be great gnashing of teeth when Williams does not throw a touchdown pass in the opener against Tennessee. Then everyone will remember C.J. Stroud and Joe Burrow had no TD passes after one game, either.

And they will have to be reminded how Mitchell Trubisky started three-quarters of a season and Justin Fields 10 games and they had only seven TD passes total as rookies, and that Peyton Manning threw 26 TD passes and somehow threw 28 interceptions as a rookie. Disappointment and elation are featured prominently on the thrill ride known as the average rookie quarterback season.

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