July 23, 2024

The intrusion became less noticeable, the vibe less invasive.

Still, a featured subject in the upcoming “Hard Knocks’’ series never fully embraced having his every word and action chronicled for possible public consumption.

“It was a little uncomfortable at first,’’ Giants general manager Joe Schoen said. “We were able to get used to the cameras being around. You’d be in your office and I’d look and it hadn’t moved yet today or we’d have a conversation with somebody and next thing you know you see the camera moving and zooming in on somebody.

“I think NFL Films does a great job, I think it’s going to be a good project but I never fully ot comfortable with the cameras being around you the whole time.’’

Joe Schoen said he was a “little uncomfortable at first” with “Hard Knocks.” Noah K. Mgurray for the NY Post

Starting Tuesday, the curtain will be pulled back — somewhat — on the Giants as they make their debut on HBO’s ground-breaking docuseries.

Cameras and microphones were part of Schoen’s daily life as the Giants navigated their business through free agency, the protracted NFL draft process and the spring practices and minicamp.

Schoen and his front office staff were central figures, given that a general manager makes his bones in the offseason.

There will be plenty of Brian Daboll and his coaching staff.

Daniel Jones’ rehab from ACL surgery will be a storyline, as will the trade for Brian Burns.

The buildup to and eventual selection of Malik Nabers in the first round of the draft will be detailed in the five-part series.

There will not be anything revealed in the series — the first-ever “Hard Knocks’’ following an NFL team in the offseason — that the Giants do not want out there, as they were given final edit control.

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Daniel Jones’ ACL rehab will likely be a “Hard Knocks” storyline. Corey Sipkin for the NY Post

As such, there will be no audio of Schoen disparaging a potential free-agent target or draft prospect.

There were plenty of discussions about medical concerns or character issues with prospective draft picks or why the Giants ranked one player over another at the same position but those discussions will not make it to the air.

Context will be an important companion to keep close.

In a clip the Giants revealed recently during their gala event promoting their 100th season celebration, defensive coordinator Shane Bowen was seen explaining a role for linebacker Isaiah Simmons.

Bowen detailed that Simmons could be used in the nickel package on first and second down and in what he called a “Money’’ role on third downs.

Seemingly, this indicated Simmons will be a big part of Bowen’s first defensive unit with the Giants but this is likely deceiving.

The clip is from a February meeting, prior to the start of free agency, prior to Simmons re-signing.

Bowen was in his first offseason with the Giants and his comments on Simmons were speculative, projecting how he might be used on defense, basically giving the front office a lesson on what he wants and needs to make his system work.

Simmons dealt with an injury all spring and did not do much of anything on the field.

The first trailer for the series raised expectations when Schoen was seen with a phone at his ear, saying “Saquon, can you give me your word on that, or are you not going to give us a chance?’’

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