July 23, 2024

NEW YORK — It took an extra day, but Duke big man Kyle Filipowski finally heard his name called as part of the 2024 NBA draft.

Filipowski, a 7-footer who played two seasons with the Blue Devils, was taken with the 32nd overall pick by the Utah Jazz, as the NBA debuted a new format that had the draft split into two days, with the first round being held Wednesday night and the second round Thursday.

Filipowski was one of two players — along with Kansas forward Johnny Furphy — who was invited to the NBA’s green room for the first round but wasn’t selected.

But Filipowski, who averaged 16.4 points and 8.3 rebounds as a sophomore, saw his wait end quickly Thursday, as he followed University of San Francisco center Jonathan Mogbo, who was taken 31st overall by the Toronto Raptors to kick off the second round.

Meanwhile, Bronny James went 55th overall to the Los Angeles Lakers, where he’ll join his father, LeBron.Duke basketball roster setup for 2023-24 ACC hoops season | Raleigh News &  Observer

The fact the second round was on its own day was a vastly different setup for the NBA and its teams. Previously, the second round had immediately followed the first on draft night and had generally gone by in a frenzy, with teams barely being able to keep track of what was going on while working into the early hours to line up undrafted players and two-way contract signings.

In addition to being its own day, the second round featured four minutes between each pick — as opposed to the two minutes that used to be the norm.

The 18 hours or so between the end of the first round and the start of the second presented teams with opportunities to discuss potential trades to remake their rosters.

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