July 23, 2024

Deep Purple have shared the new song “Lazy Sod” from their forthcoming album =1, out July 19th.

Clocking in just under four minutes in length, the compact tune couples burly guitar riffs and prominent organ, conjuring the classic Deep Purple sound.

The British rock legends maintain a steady pocket before stretching out for some ascending scales in the choruses and flexing on an organ-grinding prog breakdown during the bridge.


The 3 things Deep Purple's Ian Gillan would like you to know - Goldmine  Magazine: Record Collector & Music Memorabilia

Meanwhile, frontman Ian Gillan opens up for some incredibly honest lyrics that reflect on his age (he turns 79 next month) and the tumultuous state of the world around him: “The world’s on fire, and I can’t get my ass out of bed / The world is on fire, smoke all around my head.”

Gillan offered up a charming anecdote about the origins of the song title and the lyrical concepts in recent interview with Rocks magazine.

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